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4 Seater Luxury+ Lithium LSV

4 Seater Luxury+ LSV – Lithium Battery Powered

Our Luxury+ 4 passenger Lithium battery powered Low Speed Vehicle LSV (aka street legal golf cart) is a great way to ride around safely in comfort and style. Features include a maximum range Lithium battery (20-30 mile range vs typical 10-20 mile range), faster recharge time, only charge when the battery level gets low (no need to charge in between each individual trip), a blue-tooth sound system, premium seats, back-up camera, LCD display, USB charging ports, LED head/tail/turn lights, rear flip seat with cargo platform and more. Safety features include DOT approved safety windshield, windshield wiper, side and rear view mirrors, horn, turn signals, seat belts, and DOT approved headlights and taillights for night driving. This fully street legal golf cart LSV can be driven day or night, at speeds up to 25 MPH.

Golf cart low speed vehicle booking is by the night, so it’s similar to booking a hotel. Golf cart LSV drop-off is between 12pm – 5pm on the first day of the reservation. Golf cart LSV pick-up is between 8am – 11am on the last day of the reservation. Our goal is to make your rental easy and accommodating, so please let us know if your travel arrangements require a pickup or drop off outside of those normal time ranges and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your schedule.

Anybody staying in Charleston, SC and the surrounding communities can rent one of our luxury golf cart LSVs. Access to a standard household 3-prong electrical outlet is needed to charge the golf cart. Many hotels and vacation rentals such as The Dewberry Hotel, Hotel Bennet, Zero George Hotel and St. Philip Square Vacation Rentals offer Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging options for their guests.